Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A better update = D

Cambridge is very beautiful!

My dorm room is sufficiently larger than what anyone would have at UCLA, but it's been extremely hot and uncomfortable for the last couple of days. Tomorrow, it will be 39 degress...celcius! Somehow, I don't think that's normal = ). So..I'm not really sure what to write in these things, so I will run through my day = ).

This morning, I was awakened by an 8 am fire alarm, but I was fortunate to have a 9 am class so 8 am was when I wanted to wake up = D. So, I live on the 4th floor of building P in King's College, which has about 8 rooms total in the building. The laundry and showers are located in the basement, so we have to walk down the stairs, outside along the wall, then down another set of stairs, unlock the shower room and then shower! The showers are coed...which was a bit weird at first...to be sitting next to a man while waiting for an open shower...but it's all good. = )

My first class was my creative writing seminar. My professor is really cool and nice, but constructive as well. The class is very different than anything I've ever taken in the US. The class is about 10 people in our seminar and our first assignment was to stalk a person in cambridge! Yea...stalk them, observe them, understand them, create a story based on what we observe. It was awkward...yet fun! I ended up following a young girl who went into a cafe to order a cappacino...and since I walked in and felt very awkward not ordering anything, I ordered a cappacino as well. (I don't even like coffee...but that's all they had). Unfortuately, they made her order much quicker than mine, so I was stuck waiting for my order and she booked it out the cafe. Yes...now, I'm alone with a cappacino I don't even want...BUT another young gentleman (college aged) entered and I decided to follow him = ). He ended up sitting outside of King's college to eat his quick breakfast, so I sat near him...watching, listening...being extremely creepy...hahaha. I think he could tell I was eyeing him which was even uncomfortable for me...I hope he didn't think I was checking him out or anything like that. Anyway, that was my creative writing seminar = D.

My other class these next 4 weeks is Good Life or Moral Life. Interesting, yes? I'm slightly intimidated because the class seems to be filled with philosophical people...people well knowledged in Kant and Socrates...those sorts = D. Nevertheless, I'm excited to discuss alongside with them = ). Our professor is pretty cool as well. I'm sure the class will turn out well.

So, I pretty much start at 9 am everyday and end before noon, which is pretty nice. In the afternoon, I found the music room!!! It's in the basement...down a dark hallway below the kitchen...I don't think they value us musicians too much...= ) It was nice to be on a piano again. = )

Also, I went punting!
It's pretty difficult at first, but after a first run, I was doing well. There's a river that runs next to King's college, so we punted along that river. There were MANY people on the river in the afternoon, so navigating was hard. I ran into a couple of boats...but it was all good. With more practice, I should be pro = ).

After punting, we headed to the chapel (which is gorgeous) to take a group photo and a social on the lawn, where they served wine, orange juice and water. (They serve wine with every dinner! Too bad I don't like the taste of wine, but I think others relish this treat). AND we were able to stand and walk and play on the grass!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A TREAT! = ) That was definely a highlight.

Once we had sufficiently taken in our one and only time of standing on the grass, we had our first formal dinner. WOW! Whoever said that England food is not tasty was severely wrong for this dinner. It was delicious! We had onion soup (VERY good), chicken atop an assortment of foods, orange mousse cake, then coffee. AND we were served!!! The dining has been spectacular. = D

Finally, I ended my day with some nighttime punting. I think I really really like punting. It's a good arm workout. = ) Nighttime punting is very relaxing...not so many people to run into...but we did come across a bunch of Brits who started throwing seaweed at us....for fun! Not cool...but pretty funny. The night was interesting. = )

Now, I'm left with homework. This will definitely not be a picnic summer school, though it sure feels like it with the things to do around me.


  1. sounds like you're having loads of funnn
    haha stalking people as an assignment sounds... interestinggg lol

  2. dinerd, how do i call u? hhaha

  3. I'm delighted that you're doing a blog and I look forward to following along on your UK adventure. I love your photos - keep em coming! Nighttime punting sounds awesome but I suppose it doesn't lend itself to photos, does it?